Instructions for Use "Logest»

«Logest" prescribed to women of childbearing age for contraception.The drug is taken at the same time inside with water.Starts receiving "Logest" on the first day of menstruation, provided that in the previous month, hormonal contraceptives have not been applied.Start drinking "Logest" can and in the second to fifth days of the menstrual cycle, but it is recommended to apply additional methods of contraception (barrier) during the first week of administration.

If in the previous month taken other hormonal contraceptives, such as "Janine" and "Diana" on "Logest" need to move immediately after the last dose of the previous funds.In the case of the drugs containing only progestin, or in the presence of an intrauterine device installed on "Logest" can go any day after receipt of these funds, or remove helix.In the first week of the drug needed
additional barrier method of contraception. After an abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy (up to twelve weeks) "Logest" you can begin to take on any given day.

Tablets "Logest" need to drink for 21 days.The next package of the drug should be taken after a seven-day break - this time usually passes menstruation.Most often, it begins in the second or third day after the last dose, "Logest" may continue for more than 7 days.In the case of missing reception "Logest" need to take a pill as soon as possible.Contraceptive protection is reduced if you miss taking the medication more than twelve hours.

Contraindications "Logest" side effects of the drug

«Logest" is contraindicated in arterial and venous thrombosis, myocardial infarction, stroke (in real time or in history), in conditions that are precursors of thrombosis, when expressed factorsthe risk of thrombotic complications, uncontrolled elevated pressure, diabetes, migraine, uterine bleeding of unknown origin, pregnancy and lactation, when diagnosed hypersensitivity to the drug, surgical surgical interventions on the lower extremities. In the case of pregnancy while taking the drug should stop taking "Logest."

«Logest" in reviews may have the following side effects: pain and tension of the mammary glands, bleeding from the genital tract, headache, decreased libido, mood changes, vomiting, nausea, poor tolerance of contact lenses, allergic reactions,skin rash, itching, changes in body weight, fluid retention, fatigue.A more detailed description "Logest" is given in the annotations to the drug.