Remember that time out of anesthesia lasts at least 1.5-2 hours while acting anesthetic drugs, this time you should be under the supervision Anaesthetist in intensivetherapy.You may feel pain in the surgical wound, dizziness, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, may disrupt the regime of wakefulness and sleep.To prevent aspiration complications have some time to lie on your side or on your back with your head turned to one side.
Remember that early activation profilaktiruet thromboembolic complications, bedsores soft tissues.Yo
u should try as soon as possible to begin to move, to turn to the side, sit down in bed, get out of it.Hypostatic pneumonia also warns physical activity and vibrating massage.
Note that the first 2-3 hours after anesthesia can not drink or eat.Drink can only be water or unsweetened juice.And to eat the next day to avoid vomiting and other problems with the bowel disorder.If you feel an attack of vomiting, try to turn to the side, and then rinse your mouth with it necessarily.
obligatory component of the early postoperative period is a pain therapy.Assigns them only by the attending surgeon.Remember that all of these drugs have many side effects, and a number of them formed the psychic and physical dependence.Therefore, you should not abuse them.
And finally, do not insist on a general anesthetic if in your case the doctor thinks that you can get a local anesthetic.The best in the world of anesthesia - is the one who managed to escape.
How to get out