most common causes of pain under the left shoulder blade

Often, pain under the shoulder blade occurs because of heart disease up to this formidable as myocardial infarction.Some people believe that myocardial pain should be localized in the chest, near the left shoulder (often giving the shoulder).In fact, we know many cases when a heart attack is accompanied by pain in other parts of the body, including under the left shoulder blade.Moreover, not always the pain was strong!On myocardial infarction also shows difficulty breathing.

common cause of pain under the left shoulder blade - a stomach ulcer.This fact is also baffled many people ignorant of medicine, because the stoma
ch is located in the front left part of the abdomen, why hurt the chuck area?Nevertheless, it is stomach ulcer can cause pain under the left shoulder blade.

to pain under the shoulder blade can cause the disease to other abdominal organs such as the pancreas or small intestine.In the medical literature even describes cases, when such pain cause problems with the kidneys or bladder.Doctors call this phenomenon "wandering pains."

pain in this area may also be caused by trauma, such as injury or stretching the subscapularis muscle.This occurs when physical fatigue, or if a person tried to lift too heavy a load for a long time or was in an uncomfortable position.Such pain may result and the injury of the scapula, at unsuccessful fall or a car accident, for example.

What should I do for pain under the left shoulder blade

As already mentioned, the reason for this phenomenon may be a myocardial infarction, and the disease requires the provision of immediate medical assistance.Therefore, you should as soon as possible to see a doctor, called "ambulance."Breaking this rule is allowed only in cases when a person knows exactly what caused the pain, for example, he hit back or unsuccessfully raised the severity of pain and felt almost immediately after that.Then you can treat yourself by taking painkillers or consult a qualified massage therapist.If the pain is related to the gastrointestinal tract, should review their food, for example, eliminate greasy, spicy, smoked food and seek to a gastroenterologist for skilled care.