How does a healthy cervix

perfectly healthy cervix is ​​shiny and smooth light pink surface.When inflammation or other negative impacts on the surface of the cervix is ​​damaged mucosa of the uterine cervix, which is called erosion.

Types of erosion and their appearance

erosion can occur in women of any age.It requires a thorough examination and timely treatment, because this pathology can be the beginning of a precancerous or cancerous changes in the epithelium.The gynecologist can see the erosion in the mirror, however, for a more detailed study, doctors resorted to colposcopy.

Appearance erosion of the uterine cervix is ​​different in each case, but depending on the overall characteristic features can distinguish di
fferent types.

Congenital erosion constitutes a violation of the surface layer of skin cells, visually representing, as a rule, a round red education.It manifested mainly in adolescence.

True erosion - is a violation of the stratified squamous epithelium of the cervix.Visually erosion is a small bright spot of red color with distinct edges.The size of such spots can be more than one centimeter.

Ectopic a lesion at which the replacement of the internal cells of the epithelium on the outer epithelium of vaginal part of the cervix.When the inspection such as erosion looks red lesion, which has an irregular shape.On the surface of the affected area of ​​the villi are long or round shape.

addition to the normal cells of cylindrical and stratified squamous epithelium, with cervical erosion may appear abnormal cells, which are one of the most important signs of adverse malignant transformation.

There is also a conditional classification of erosion, surface defect size, which allows the selection of the optimal method of treatment:

- small erosion is characterized by the size of the defect, which reaches up to ten millimeters in diameter;
- average erosion corresponds to the size of the defective area, which is 10 - 20 mm;
- the erosion of large correspond to the changes in diameter of the defect which is more than 20 millimeters.

Women's health is very fragile, it disrupts the balance can be very simple.Timely visit to the gynecologist and the diagnosis will help to keep the reproductive system and get rid of unnecessary discomfort.Upon detection of erosion must be the correct treatment, which is impossible without the participation of the gynecologist.