Infected with fungus in modern conditions is quite simple - it can be transmitted to humans animals, especially cats and dogs and ending with direct contact with other people.These contacts can occur through shoes and clothing in public places, as well as by household accessories and items.

Reasons fungus infection

From this the conclusion that the probability of infection by the fungus increases dramatically during a visit to sports and fitness rooms, saunas and showers.When visiting such institutions people using public showers, a real risk to pick up the fungus.After all, many people know that the fungus develops in places of constant dampness.

also this trouble can be obtained from the use of clothes that someone wore before that or it rested pets.Quite often, the infection affects people nails on t
he feet, in connection with various comorbidities or because of excessive sweating.Among these related ailments should be noted endocrine system diseases in which there is a disorder of carbohydrate and protein metabolism.As such contamination may result in an unbalanced diet, when it has a surplus of sugar and calories.

It is understood that when the fungus is on your feet, then the person can be infected and other concomitant diseases.In most cases, the disease is in the form of neglect, since the time the infected person does not go to a qualified doctor for the necessary treatment.

Preventing infections

These people fungal infection spreads to the arms and feet of the skin of the head.If a person got into a situation, it immediately is seeking treatment and preventive measures.The first step that he needs to do is to completely eliminate from your daily life any possibility of contact with this infection.You also need to do the strengthening of the immune system.

sure you want to wear comfortable shoes, because of poor quality footwear is quite capable of damaging the skin on the foot, and then it will be susceptible to infection control.We should not forget about elementary hygiene.Never use someone else's shoes, because the infection is then transmitted instantly.Also mandatory rule should be to use special shoes when visiting public swimming pools and saunas.