cause of psoriasis has not been studied until the end, but is considered the most reasonable hypothesis about the origin of the autoimmune disease.The disease is chronic, with periods of remission alternating recurrences.Relapses can be spontaneous, but in some cases triggered by stress, infectious diseases, use of alcoholic beverages.

Types of psoriasis

The most common psoriasis vulgaris characterized by the appearance of red patches covered with grayish thickened skin that peels off easily.

In psoriasis flexor surfaces in the folds of the skin appear smooth red patches that are hardly peel.When guttate psoriasis red papules small resemble the shape of a drop.

most severe form - pustular, or exudative psoriasis.On the skin there are bubbles with
clear content.The skin around them is red, becomes hot and is easily peeled off.In case of infection pustules may fester.

also found nail psoriasis, characterized by a change in color of nails, their bundle and thickening of the skin underneath.

Danger psoriasis

Argued that psoriasis is associated with only cosmetic defects and minor inconvenience that is no threat to life and health, he does not carry.This is not true, psoriasis is fraught with numerous and dangerous complications.

most dangerous complication - psoriatic erythroderma.It affects most of the surface of the skin or even its entire surface.The skin at the same time unable to carry out the excretory and respiratory function, impaired regulation of body temperature, inflammation occurs easily, turning into a common blood infection.This complication often leads to death of the patient.

Psoriasis can cause inflammation of the joints and connective tissue - psoriaticheky arthritis.Most often affects the phalanges.In severe cases, deformed joints, locking her fingers immobilized in an unnatural position.May be affected and other joints - the shoulder, hip, knee, which can lead to loss of the ability to walk.

In medical practice there are cases when the background of psoriasis developed metabolic disorders, leading to irreversible changes in the brain vessels, chronic renal and hepatic failure, cancers.All this leads to death.

Typically, these serious complications occur in those patients who neglect treatment.Can not completely cure psoriasis, but it can reduce the frequency and severity of relapses, to prevent dangerous complications.This is possible if we turn to the doctor at the first signs of psoriasis, without waiting for complications.