Why do women develop breast cancer

Breast cancer - a disease in which the development of a tumor is formed of various sizes.Malignant neoplasm so dangerous that in the absence of a timely response to emerging changes in it is growing rapidly and is fatal.

all causes of cancer are not fully understood.However, under the influence of hereditary factors and bad environment every year gets more and more women, especially those over 50 years of age. If the family there were cases of cancer, the risk in the offspring increases.Tell them you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and careful monitoring of changes in health. suffered from breast cancer can be and women who did not give birth at all, or those whose first birth occurred after age 30.

Learning to recognize breast cancer: Symptoms and signs of

If the chest does not injure mechanicallybut it had small bruises and wounds on the nipple, which began to bleed, such phenomena testify to the development of a pathological process that takes place in the mammary gland.When the feeling a woman's breasts can detect small ball of irregular shape.

The main features are the presence of a tumor and any changes to the nipple - retraction, irritation, or peeling his skin.The very same breast may be reddened and edematous.Swollen lymph nodes in the armpit indicates metastasis of cancer cells.

Examining his own chest, a woman may notice a change in 2 versions:
- small seal comparable to hryaschik;
- soft testopodobnoe education. belated detection of cancer can occur because of the lack of tumor formation in the breast.And only at the general deterioration of the health of the woman refers to a doctor.

boundaries of tumors may be clear or fuzzy, surface - smooth or shishkoobraznoy.Thus, any change in the breast should be the reason for treatment in the clinic.

diagnosis of breast cancer

Striking tumor can as one breast or both at once.There are cases when the disease developed a second breast metastasis as the first growths.Simultaneous equivalent breast lesions is very rare.

happens that changes the breast are age-related.They are characteristic for women over 30 years of age.Therefore, at the slightest deviation from the norm should have a mammogram or ultrasound.

If the assumption about breast cancer is confirmed, the woman will have to undergo a diagnostic system, the results of which will be produced by the choice of operation.Calibration is done either as conserving, or mastectomy - removal of the patient with a full chest.