flat feet can reveal several major features.These include increased leg fatigue, pain and burning sensation in the soles, as well as pain in the knees and calves.Most of these complaints may occur when changing the type of footwear and change of volume loads.Here external parameters by which the disease is determined by: asymmetric snashivaemost shoes, deformation of the shoe back, erasing the heel on the inside.At the same time, on the feet can be seen an increase in "seed", increased mozoleobrazovanie.If you experience any of these symptoms should see a doctor.

To prevent flatfoot great special treatment and prevention exercises.Especially effective it is in childhood.The basis of such exercises are exercises that are aimed at correcting deformity.The entir
e course of study will consist of two stages.The first of these exercises are performed while walking to and from a standing position, and the second - from the initial position sitting and lying.

Arrange feet parallel to each other at a short distance.Put your hands on the belt.Then, lift the toes on both feet then alternately, then together.Now take the starting position and try to roll from heel to toes, then back again.Equally useful to perform squats and poluprisedaniya on his toes;up on the outer edges of both feet and again occupy its original position.

following exercise: stand up, put the socks together, and heels - apart.Perform squats or walking in place, but try not to take your socks off the floor.Very effective are exercises that are performed using the gymnastic stick.Just stand on her legs arranged in parallel and start doing sit-ups or poluprisedaniya.The number of repetitions of each exercise should be not less than ten.By the way, it is useful to carry out once the whole complex, doing one exercise after another.