Sunstroke - a local heat stroke.It only gets uncovered head, and heat stroke - the whole body.And not necessarily in the sun.It can be obtained in the hot shop and even in a hot room with no ventilation, being too warmly dressed.
Sunstroke paralyzes the brain.Due to the strong expansion of the blood vessels, as they say, it hits to the head.If overheating mild it starts to ache, nausea, weakness of the body covers, a few frequent breathing and pulse.
When sunstroke moderate headache strongly.Man is not just nauseated - it begins vomiting.Easy weakness in the body is replaced
by a partial immobility.Coordination of movements disturbed gait is unsteady, shaky like a drunken man.
general condition - headedness.Tormenting shortness of breath, the victim did not have enough air.It may bleed from the nose.Often, the temperature rises to 38-39 degrees.
heavy as sunstroke obvious, if a person becomes crimson and then pale bluish.The temperature jumps up to 40-41 degrees.Because of the confused consciousness of a person responds to your questions incoherently, it begins to rave.
The body may include convulsions, involuntary leave urine, feces.Dilated pupils - is a symptom of a very serious condition, and a harbinger of loss of consciousness.
Signs of heat stroke, in principle, the same.Firstly - the state of drowsiness, headache, weakness, dizzy.With further overheated face reddens, high fever, start vomiting, diarrhea possible.
If overheating continues, there are hallucinations, pale face much, the skin becomes cold and often cyanotic.Man pours then suffocated.The heart is malfunctioning, a rapid heart rate, but barely detectable.
Soon the victim usually loses consciousness, coma.If not urgently undertake resuscitation measures, coma can be fatal, and it occurs in 20-30% of cases.