Exercises for prevention of varicose veins

Exercise №1

Take the starting position: gym mat spread out on a flat surface, lie on your back.Do not forget to straighten your legs and arms positioned along the body.

Performing exercises: raising the pelvis with the legs straight up, substitute the hands under the waist, thus creating a kind of support.This position must be held for 30 seconds, while maintaining the straight legs.During the exercise do not forget to pull the toes toward the ceiling.When the time to return to the starting position, then repeat this stand at least 3-5 times.

Exercise №2

Take the starting position: standing on a level surface and l

ock the hand on the belt.

Performing exercises: standing on tiptoe, stay in this position of 5-10 seconds.After passing some time slowly return to starting position, then in the same way move the entire weight on your heels.This exercise should be performed for one minute.After a short hiatus, rise on your toes and gently jumped 10-15 times.After taking a rest, take the following approach.Such approaches should be at least 3, better 5.

Exercise №3

Take the starting position: lie down on the gym mat left side, leaning on his left elbow.

Performing exercises: right leg bent at the knee, grab your foot with your free hand.For 15 seconds, you need to produce spring movement, that is to delay the seized leg back while trying to touch the buttocks with the help of the heel.When the time take the starting position, then repeat the above steps.Having 5-7 approaches, flip to the other side and do the same.

Through this so simple exercise, you improve not only the vascular tone, but their elasticity.In addition, blood flow and normalize metabolic processes in the tissues.In other words, you will activate the work of "muscle pump."