As the dispersion medium used in the suspensions of water, alcohol solution, ether, glycerine or oil.Suspensions are prepared for injection immediately before use and diluted with water for injection or other liquid novocaine sterile diluent specified in the instruction.These injections are not recommended to put in a home.
drug substance practically insoluble in a dispersion medium, but such a formulation allows to put medical components and even a thin layer to the affected skin.Chatterbox is prepared in a pharmacy by prescription, their composition can include any medical components and is chosen based on the type of disease and type of skin.Give mash in a bottle of dark glass, sealed with a lid or cap.If the active substance
is stable to sunlight can give talker transparent vial.Storage conditions and method of use prescribed on the label.Usually mash stored in the refrigerator or any other cool, dark place.Shelf life is limited shelf life of the components, but the amount of the drug intended for the treatment of several months.
Before applying mash facial skin must be cleaned of contaminants in a familiar way.The bottle with the mixture shaken well, the necessary part of the contents poured onto a cotton pad and accurate movements to grease the person or part of it, avoiding the eye area.Better to keep eyes closed to avoid falling into the eyes of the composition.Couples alcohol or ether may also irritate the eyes.After applying the solution for 1-2 minutes dries and becomes invisible on the face.Delamination drug into a liquid portion and suspended matter is normal and typical of this formulation.
mash on alcohol and ether have dried and antipruritic action, the latter being softer and does not provoke excessive production of sebum.If the skin is dry, doctors prescribe mash in butter or glycerin, such means further moisturize the skin, which may be necessary, as in treatment of many skin diseases use of creams is undesirable.
suspensions for internal use are usually used for the treatment of heartburn and other gastrointestinal disease.A classic example of such a suspension - drug "Almagel".It exfoliates, so before using the bottle must be shaken.Suspensions, which are sold in pharmacies as a finished product, are officinal (from the Latin. Officina - factory, workshop), that is, their prescription is registered in the Pharmacopoeia, and suspensions which are prepared by a doctor's prescription - extemporaneously.Their main difference is that the physician can select the individual dosage, change the composition of the suspension to improve its efficiency.When the medicament is written that it is a suspension, prior to use such a formulation must stir until uniform.