Physiological breast infants

Physiological breast disease appears due to hormonal crisis at the baby, his body is not yet freed from the hormone obtained from the mother.In infants the disease manifests itself on the skin eruptions similar to acne, swelling and an increase in the genitals, the girls observed discharge, menstrual like.The main symptom of mastitis is breast engorgement.Among them may be released whitish contents, and the skin around the nipple becomes reddish.Painful inflammation of the gland is missing.Breast disease occurs in infants of both sexes.Peak disease accounted for the first two weeks of life.

Mastopatia newborn does not require any treatment, it takes about six weeks after birth.It is necessary to observe the rules of hygiene, and avoid physical effects on the breast the baby, you can not squeeze out the liquid from the chest.Incorrect
care physiological breast can turn into purulent mastitis, so with a slight rise in temperature must show the child's pediatrician.

purulent mastitis - a complication of mastitis newborn

Unlike mastitis suppurative mastitis newborn is accompanied by acute pain and fever.The child is naughty, touching the chest makes him strong crying.From flow flowing pus, the skin around the nipple becomes dense, bright red.Most often one-sided developing mastitis, a pronounced swelling of the glands.The disease is caused by bacterial infection of breast ducts.Infection occurs as a result of poor hygiene newborn.Often purulent mastitis pathogen is Staphylococcus aureus, living on the skin.Getting into the ducts, it causes acute inflammation.When anxiety symptoms should immediately seek medical attention as late treatment can lead to the death of cancer tissue.

Mastopatia children after a year

Mastopatia children after a year is not a physiological phenomenon, is a disease that requires treatment.Children's breast may be caused by endocrine disease, liver disease, severe stress, taking certain drugs.The disease is treated under the supervision of a specialist.The drug is prescribed in accordance with the reasons which caused mastopathy.The most common drugs, raising immunity, sedatives, vitamins, local medicines.