composition and indications for application

The composition of the ointment includes a simple birch tar, castor oil, xeroform and aerosil.Due to its ingredients, this tool has a strong disinfectant and antiseptic properties, meaning it is capable of killing pathogens.This liniment is used externally for violations integrity of the skin: ulcers, inflammation of the tissue, hair follicles, abscesses, bedsores.

ointment Vishnevsky great help when clogged vein clots, certain skin diseases such as psoriasis, inflammatory lymph nodes.Besides all this ointment accelerates the healing of injuries, which speeds recovery.It is very important for the doctors of surgical profile.

Often this product is used in veterinary medicine.The main mecha
nism of action of the drug - an anti-inflammatory effect.Ointment has a sharp flavor that somewhat limits its use.The color varies from yellow to dark.

Contraindications to the use and methods of application to the skin

Unlike most of today's anti-inflammatory drugs ointment known surgeon practically has no restrictions in use, which is a big advantage.An exception is the idiosyncrasy, which can manifest itself in the form of allergies.Depending on the type of inflammation, treatment technology ointment will be different.

For example, inflammation of hair follicles and sebaceous glands with surrounding soft tissue ointment is applied to the four-layer bandage of gauze fabric, and a thin layer is applied to the affected area.All this is covered with a cellophane film and left for about 12 hours.After this time, the dressing should be removed and dry area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication.

This procedure is recommended to improve well-being of the patient and to the disappearance of inflammation, edema.In that case, if the patient is suffering from ulcers, an ointment perfectly helps heal pathological processes, stimulating circulation, improving tissue trophism.In this case, liniment stacked thickly.Good effect ointment and vascular diseases, in particular arteries.

It improves blood circulation and removes the main symptoms of the disease.The drug prevents secondary infections.This preservative is safe for pregnant women and children.Thus, Vishnevsky ointment - is a great way to quickly and effectively reduce inflammation, heal any wound.