It all started in the distant nineties of the last century.In those days, as in any other, heart disease occupied a leading position in the mortality statistics.It was then that the company Pfizer International Inc.I am beginning to invent a drug to ease the lives of many patients.At first, nothing foretold "trouble" until it was Phase I clinical trials.It is here that sildenafil citrate (the so-called "Viagra" first) distinguished himself from an unexpected quarter.

Increase blood flow

It is the increased blood flow to the heart and reducing blood pressure, scientists hoped to develop the drug.Good intentions showed a slightly different result.The experiments did not reveal the expected effect, but patients were still excited and did not even think about how to return the pills. If it was not an accident, such strong medication to achieve an erection might not be

turns out it's pretty fast.It turned out that the drug has a special side effect - does not increase blood flow to the heart, and quite another body - the penile.The result of this was to enhance erectile ability.

not know that it would be more, walk past the testers of this interesting fact.However, the best of what has happened, what could be - the drug recognized and since 1993 has engaged in substance from this unexpected quarter.He received the trade name "Viagra" (or viagra), and in 1998 was officially approved and adopted "adopted" by doctors around the world.

Nobel Prize for erection

whole team of scientists responsible for the invention, has been awarded the highest and honorary award in the world - Nobel Prize in Chemistry.Not surprisingly, given that the drug has saved millions of people around the world, giving them the joy of a fulfilling life. discoveries in the history of Viagra is ranked third in importance after X-rays and antibiotics

unique substance that it acts only on the natural physiological mechanisms of erectile functions.No violence on the body does not occur.Is it possible in such a case to assume that the drug is safe?Not at all.Side effects have even aspirin, so do not rush yourself to run to the drugstore and buy cherished pills.Only a consultation with your doctor can clarify how advisable such use.

In addition, due to the high popularity of the drug are often counterfeited.It is an established fact that requires special attention.It is necessary to acquire the drug only at official pharmacies, not the hands or in obscure locations.