multiplicity and the reception

prescribing pills several times a day, most doctors mean by that day, ie24 hours.The internal organs are working round the clock, the bacteria just working without rest and sleep.Therefore, medication should be divided in equal intervals of time, especially with regard to antimicrobial agents.

with short courses of medication easier, because a couple of days, you can follow all the provisions of the rules, and often occur with long-term difficulties.A man takes a pill, and then forgets and drinks "just in case" the second.Well, if the drug is not potent.Methods of dealing with such forgetfulness very much, everyone chooses for himself: someone help a tick on a calendar spread other medications to prominence, someone gets and sets a reminder alarm on your mobile, etc.Pharmacologica
l companies produce a special calendar where you can mark each technique.

Before or after eating

all drugs on its relationship with the meals are divided into groups, "still", "to", "before" and "during the meal."In the mind of the doctor patient eats on schedule, no snacking in between, and the patient is convinced that a pie or an apple eaten to eat have nothing to do.

medicines prescribed to take "before the meal", suggests that before taking a person ate nothing, and at least for a specified period of time after a meal will not eat anything.The tablet should get an empty stomach, so as not to be exposed to gastric juice, food components, this case, a glass of juice or a candy for two hours or one hour before the medication can dramatically affect the outcome of treatment.There are cases when you need to eat it within the specified deadline, so it is desirable to clarify exactly what the doctor has in mind.

"During the meal" - this is the easiest way to receive, but if the food is far from ideal, it is better to find out from the doctor what products are preferred during the reception of a drug.

to preparations that are assigned "after meals" are means of irritating the stomach lining or contribute to the normalization of digestion.In this case it is sufficient to be a small amount of food.

Terms medication

Most of the drugs should be taken separately.It's not very comfortable, but swallowing pills "handful", you can get unexpected effect between taking Wait at least half an hour.

Also, keep in mind that vitamins, combined funds from colds, herbs and gepatorrotektory during treatment should be taken only after consultation with your doctor.

not each tablet can be divided into multiple doses, some drugs, coated damage which can significantly affect the properties of the drug.Lack of separation strips on the tablet, most likely indicates that it is prohibited to divide.

With rare exceptions, the drug washed down with water only, and not the usual soda.The exceptions are certain drugs that need to drink acidic drinks, milk, mineral water or other liquids separately stipulated, admission rules often are specified in the instructions.

methods use of drugs are also important, for example, a chewable tablet, which is swallowed whole, will work through a different time or do not produce any therapeutic effect.

the release form of the drug should also be taken into account.If the tablet has a special casing, it can not crush or crack, becauseits primary function is to protect the coating, e.g., the stomach, the esophagus or the enamel of the active ingredient.Encapsulated form suggests that the basic drug substance must be absorbed into the body only in the intestine after a certain period of time, therefore they should not be open.