Groups preparations

components of every home medicine cabinet can be divided into 4 groups.It is important that there were drugs in the medicine cabinet for oral administration (tablets and medicines) for external use (ointments, creams), materials for dressings (bandages, gauze) and supplementary aids (thermometer, tweezers sans serif, etc.).

Medicines for oral

in every medicine cabinet must be present anti-inflammatory drugs and drugs to relieve heat and pain relief.In the case of illness of a family member, they will help to remove heat and reduce pain.By binding drugs in this group include "Paracetamol", "Aspirin" (acetylsalicylic acid) and "Ibuprofen".This drug stocks should last for about 3 days for the application to one person.Also important will b
e available antispasmodic (eg "Drotaverinum" or "No-spa"), as well as painkillers such as "Nise", "Nurofen", "Moment", etc.

It is important to always present in the medicine cabinet products that if anything can help relieve the symptoms of heart pains, intestinal cramps and emotional overstimulation.Among such drugs can be noted "Barboval", "Corvalol." also be purchased "Validol" or "valokardin" that will help in neurosis, hysteria, angina or motion sickness.

also for home first aid kit is important to purchase medicines that help to cope from gastrointestinal disorders.Among such drugs may be mentioned activated carbon, "Smectic".Among the drugs to restore intestinal microflora may be noted "Hilak forte", "Laktofiltrum", "Bifidumbacterin."To remove the symptoms of diarrhea suit "loperamide", "Lopedium" or "Imodium".It may also require the use of enzyme preparations ("Mezim", "Pancreatin").

Among the other drugs in the medicine cabinet one must have antihistamines for allergies ("Claritin", "Suprastin").For the treatment of cold symptoms can be useful nasal drops ("Tizin", "Xylene", "Xymelin").In addition, first-aid kit must be put in those medicines which were issued by the attending physician for the treatment of existing chronic disease.

Other preparations

Among the means for outdoor applications, it is important the presence of a solution of iodine or green fodder, which can be disinfected to avoid contamination.It is advisable to buy salicylic alcohol or tincture of calendula to help in the treatment of septic wounds.Hydrogen peroxide will provide an opportunity to stop the bleeding, and can help with burns ointment "Rescuer" and "panthenol"."Troxevasin" and heparin ointment will help to get rid of the swelling and bruising. For the treatment of bruises, sprains and other injuries must purchase ointments that are composed of ketoprofen, ibuprofen or diclofenac.

In the medicine cabinet must be a thermometer, sterile bandages, elastic bandage (for the treatment of sprains), wool and cotton pads (for compresses and rubbing skin lesions), cotton swabs (for applying ointments and other means), a band-aid.It is also important that in the medicine cabinet always had scissors (cutting bandages and opening packages), tweezers (removing foreign objects from the skin), warmer (removal of spasms), gauze mask (protection of family members at the time of infection), syringes and syringe several sizes.