Instructions for Use "Atsipol»

«Atsipol" contains a blend of live lactobacillus acidophilus and kefir grains, which provide growth of normal intestinal flora and inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria that cause gastrointestinal infections.One capsule formulation contains 10 million CFU of live Lactobacillus acidophilus and 400 mcg polysaccharide kefir grains. CFU means "colony forming units" indicators number of viable microorganisms per unit volume.

«Atsipol 'stimulates the production of vitamin B and K in the intestines, strengthens the immune system, leading to normal bilirubin and cholesterol, normalizes the gastrointestinal tract.The drug improves digestion, normalizes motility and peristalsis, reduces the intensity of the processes of decay.

«Atsipol" is used in adults with disorders of intestinal function (including ent
erocolitis of different origin, intestinal infections caused by Salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria, digestive problems, with prolonged intestinal disorders, at a dysbacteriosis caused by prolonged antibiotic therapy.

Babies "Atsipol" prescribed for the same indications, as well as the problems of weight gain caused by chronic diseases of the respiratory tract (bronchitis, pneumonia). The drug is also used as part of an integrated treatment of allergy, atopic dermatitis. The drug should be taken without chewing and drinkingwater. For newborns contents of the capsule should be diluted in water or milk.

Adults and children over three years appoint one capsule "Atsipol" half an hour before meals three to four times a day. Children from 3 months to three years are atOne capsule two or three times a day with meals.To prevent the development of dysbiosis "Atsipol" Take one capsule once a day for ten to fifteen days.With infectious diseases the drug you need to take 8-10 days.After a month, you can hold a second course of treatment.

Contraindications to the appointment of "Atsipol" side effects of the drug

«Atsipol" Only contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the drug.Do not use a drug having a breach of the inner pack in the absence of labeling, and if expired. «Atsipol" allowed to take during pregnancy and lactation.

In the opinion of the drug does not cause side effects when used at the indicated doses.No cases of overdose have been identified."Atsipol" stored at a temperature not exceeding 10 ° C.Shelf life - two years.The drug is sold without a prescription.