drug "Lactusan" is shown in the overgrowth, the treatment of diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract, including colitis, as well as kidney failure.The medicine is prescribed antibiotics during and after it.This tool is used for chronic constipation, as well as toxemia in pregnancy.In addition, "Lactusan" take to activate the immune system, including the treatment of allergies, as well as a variety of intestinal infections (including salmonella).


Syrup "Lactusan" should be drunk during the meal.A single dose drug for adults is 10 ml, for children from 7 years - 5 ml.Children 3-7 years are 3-4 ml syrup, 1-3 years - 2 ml drug.The dosage for children under 1 year of 0.25-0.5 ml / kg body weight per d
ay.Take the drug should be twice a day.Measure out the syrup can be using a teaspoon - it contains 5 ml of the product.

Tablets "Lactusan" shall also take meals.The adult dosage is a 4-5 tablets 2 times per day.Babies with 5 years should be provided for 3 tablets per day.The course of therapy "Laktusanom" in any dosage form is carried out 7-14 days.In difficult cases, with severe overgrowth, the duration of the drug may be increased up to 3-4 weeks.The result of the drug becomes noticeable in 2-3 days of therapy.

Elderly take "Lactusan" is recommended for the general strengthening of the body.The daily dose for them should be not less than 20 ml syrup or 6 tablets were divided into 2 doses.During treatment with antibiotics to make syrup "Lactusan" needed during the course of therapy.The drug drink 1 teaspoon (5 mL).Frequency of use "Lactusan" in this case should be equal to the amount of antibiotics.


drug "Lactusan" should not be taken if you are allergic to its components.For this reason, the drug is contraindicated for people suffering from lactose intolerance and galactosemia.In the first days of treatment "Laktusanom" can be observed excessive accumulation of gas in the intestines (flatulence).This side effect takes place independently, usually within three days.

In some cases, the drug has a laxative effect.In particular, it may occur during prolonged treatment or high doses agent.In the event of diarrhea or abdominal pain, the dosage should be reduced.It is also worth considering that prolonged diarrhea caused by taking this medicine may upset the balance of electrolytes.