pharmacological action of active ingredients of the drug "Lavacolla" contribute to the retention of water molecules in the gastrointestinal tract.This increases the volume of the intestinal contents and accelerates the evacuation.Thanks contained in the composition isotonic electrolyte solution formed by sodium and potassium salts, "Lavacolla" maintains normal fluid and electrolyte balance.


drug "Lavacolla" administered before the procedure diagnosis of the condition of the colon.In particular, a drug administered prior to X-ray or endoscopy.In addition, the drug is indicated for the appointment of surgery, suggests a lack of content in the gut.

Instructions for use contents

1 package must be dissolved in 200 ml of water at room temperature.The drug is starting to take over 18-20 hours before the scheduled study proced
ures or surgery.The total amount of the drug to be taken for intestinal cleansing is 3 liters.

drug is taken in stages, within a few hours.The interval between doses "Lavacolla" - 20 minutes. drug can be washed down with water, including the addition of lemon.

need to start taking the drug on an empty stomach.During the reception and after it is possible to use only the liquid food (soup, tea).After 22:00, eat food prohibited.

Contraindications Contraindications to use "Lavacolla" is a serious condition of the patient.The drug is contraindicated in the presence of mucosal lesions and perforation of the intestine and stomach, intestinal obstruction, gastric stenosis, congestive heart failure, kidney problems.During pregnancy "Lavacolla" used with caution.

Side effects

When receiving "Lavacolla" side effects may appear as allergic reactions, abdominal pain, flatulence, nausea and vomiting.

Preparing for drug

Before the bowel cleansing is necessary to prepare the body.To do this for 2 days before the procedure is necessary to exclude from the diet of black bread, berries, herbs, fruits and vegetables, potatoes, beets, mushrooms, beans, tomato and pomegranate juice, and coffee. allowed to eat porridge, scrambled eggs, boiled meat, soup, fish, butter, cheese and milk products, green tea.

a tendency to constipation is necessary, in addition to diet, take laxatives.