Pharmacological properties

«Aflubin" - a homeopathic drug that has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, and dezintaktsionnym iimunomoduliruyuschim effects.It stimulates the synthesis of interferon, reduces the duration and severity of inflammation and toxicity, as well as active protective immunity factors.

«Aflubin" contributes to the normalization of protective functions of the nasal mucosa, trachea and bronchi, reducing puffiness.The antiviral effect of the drug is aimed at reducing fever, normalization of body temperature and enhance immunity. «Aflubin" comes in the form of tablets and oral drops.


«Aflubin" indicated for the treatment of influenza and acute respiratory diseases, including indications
for admission are acute upper respiratory tract infection.As a preventive medication is used to prevent flu.In the treatment of "Aflubin" is used in the treatment of various inflammatory rheumatic processes accompanied by joint pain.

Instructions for Use "Aflubin»

to treat "Aflubin" should be taken 3 times a day.The course - 5-10 days.When you receive drops "Aflubin" single dose for children under 1 year is 1 drop, children 1-12 years - 5 drops, children older than 12 years and adults - 10 drops of the drug.When receiving a single dose of tablets for children 5-12 years - half a tablet for adults - 1 tablet "Aflubin" for the reception. «Aflubin" should take 30 minutes.before or 1 hour after ingestion.

1-2 day of illness the number receiving the drug may be increased to 8 per day.For routine prophylaxis "Aflubin" is adopted with the same dose 2 times a day for 3 weeks.In the treatment of rheumatic and inflammatory processes musculoskeletal drug at this dose taken during one month: the first 2 days for 3-8 times, then 3 times per day.

drops can be used in pure form or dissolve them in 1 tbsp.spoon of water before swallowing delaying the drug in the mouth.Tablet "Aflubin" must be kept in the mouth until it dissolved.Children under 1 year of drug diluted to give 1 tsp. Maternal milk or water.


contraindication to receive a individual sensitivity to the drug.Pills "Aflubin" contain lactose, therefore patients with intolerance to its recommended to use the drug in the form of drops.

Side effects

to side effects of the drug include the ability to increase salivation.Pregnant and lactating women need to take the drug under medical supervision.