Many women are wary of medication, assign them during pregnancy, believing that their "interesting situation" is not a disease and does not require any maintenance therapy.But today, in an age of constantly emerging new viruses and diseases, a rare pregnancy is without complications, and the chances of having a healthy baby absolute decrease with each passing day.Therefore, if you doctor has prescribed method "chimes", do not just refuse to accept this tool, you need to at least ask the doctor about his benefit and harm to their health and the health of your baby.
Any physician will tell how positive impact "Curantil" fetal development.It is able to prevent the formation of blood clots, to strengthen the blood vessels, reducing blood density and improve the microcirculation.Thus, if yo
u take "Curantil" during pregnancy, you will get rid of the swelling, headaches and high blood pressure.In addition, the drug may reduce the risk of pulmonary edema, and seizures, as well as to improve kidney function.Everyone knows how dangerous can be the virus to the fetus, trapped in the body of the mother.So "Curantil" increases the defenses of the immune system by stimulating the production of interferon and its activity.Therefore, it is necessary to drink for the prevention and treatment of viral diseases.
drug can take courses of the entire period of gestation of a child with few interruptions.In the first trimester of pregnancy, the doctor prescribes medication to normalize the placental blood flow and blood thinners 1 tablet of 25 mg three times a day.There are other treatment regimens, in any case, this should be discussed with your doctor.Take tablet fasted for 1 hour before a meal or after 1.5-2 hours thereafter.The tablet does not need to chew and dissolve, it is swallowed completely, drinking plenty of water.
you should drink "Curantil" if seen in the premature aging of the placenta later date.Before the drug is necessary to remember that aspirin can improve the action of the drug, and tea and coffee reduce its activity, so the period of treatment is not recommended to use these drinks.
If you find yourself features such as lowering blood pressure, increased bleeding, weakness, palpitations and dizziness, you should stop taking the drug and consult a specialist.