«Levomekol" is used for the treatment of purulent inflammation of the skin that have a different character, and resulting from exposure of bacteria caught in the skin.The drug is effective for the treatment of acne, carbuncles, boils.Ointment copes well with purulent inflammation and wounds, and infected cuts.Part of the preparation "Methyluracil" copes well with bacteria such as Rickettsia, Chlamydia, or spirochete."Levomekol" effective in the treatment of venous ulcers, and burns 2 and 3 degrees.


drug is available in the form of an ointment and applied externally to the affected skin area.It is to squeeze a small amount of money to the inflamed area, and then protect the affected area with gauze or a special pat
ch that will allow the drug to be absorbed fully in place of defeat.In some cases, when the wound is a deep, physicians may recommend applying medication to the affected area with a syringe without needle.After the introduction of funds is also necessary to fix a gauze bandage.

«Levomekol" can also be simply applied locally for the treatment of minor injuries, such as acne.You can also put the drug on a sterile cloth, and then lock it in place with the help of the defeat of the dressing.

Side effects and contraindications

Among the side effects of the drug allergic reactions marked local character, which may be expressed to have hives and itching characteristic.There may be some skin irritation due to intolerances component drugs.Allergy symptoms disappear on their own when you stop applying the ointment.

can be noted among the contraindications of pregnancy and breastfeeding, because the components of the drug absorbed through the skin and can enter the body of the child.Also, do not use the drug to people with hypersensitivity to "chloramphenicol" and "metiluratsilom."

Also, do not take a long course of treatment without first consulting a physician.Using "levomekol" should be alternated with other anti-inflammatory drugs, prescribed by your doctor.Excessive and constant application of the ointment the therapeutic effect may be significantly reduced, and therefore the drug should be used for getting rid of the symptoms of an existing disease.Among the alternatives for the treatment of diseases like skin diseases can be mentioned "Skinoren".