should be noted immediately that antibiotics are only intended to combat bacteria and bacterial infections, they are absolutely not suitable for the treatment of diseases caused by viruses and other organisms.That is, it makes no sense to swallow them with the flu and common cold.They are not suitable for churning temperature.In some cases, during pregnancy needs antibiotics, such as exacerbation of renal disease, acute intestinal infections, a variety of inflammatory diseases.The list of modern antibiotics quite wide and varied, while there are groups of antibiotics, which do not have harmful effects on the body of the future mother.
What would have been the primary symptoms of the disease, it is first n
ecessary to see a specialist, master your pregnancy.It is he who must appoint a course of antibiotics, as well as to confirm the need for such treatment.
There are several groups of antibiotics.Thus, in case of serious diseases using the following groups of antibiotics that can be safely taken during pregnancy: a group of penicillins, macrolides, cephalosporins.If the medication prescribed by the doctor did not belong to these groups do not risk their use during pregnancy.
penicillin.The preparations belonging to the group of antibiotics have no effect on fetal development.They act only to bacteria that are sensitive to these drugs.This group includes the following products: "Amoxiclav", "ampicillin" "Amoxicillin" and so on.
macrolide.These drugs are also not adversely affect fetal development.These include: "Vilprafen", "Erythromycin" and so on.
cephalosporin group.These antibiotics are often prescribed for infections with bacteria resistant to the penicillin group.The representatives of this group include such drugs as "Cefepime", "cefazolin" and others.