Instructions for use cream "Klirvin»

should be noted that before applying the cream "Klirvin" should be mandatory to prepare the skin.To this end, it carried out a preliminary purification of ordinary soap, foam or gel for washing.In addition, you can use special cleaning agents recommended by the dermatologist.In that case, if the drug is applied to the face, it is necessary to thoroughly destroy the remnants of makeup.For this is well suited scrub that has exfoliating effect on the horny layer.

After the procedure can be applied to skin cleansing medicine "Klirvin" gently rubbing it in a circular motion in the affected
area until completely absorbed twice a day.It is important to bear in mind that the result must be resistant to daily use the drug for several weeks.Typically, the beneficial effect becomes noticeable only after four weeks of treatment.

During pregnancy, experts advise to use the drug "Klirvin" for the prevention of stretch marks.To do this, put the cream on the desired area of ​​the body, then rub lightly until completely absorbed.It is noteworthy that such a medicine is permitted to be used from the fourth month of waiting baby.However, in order to correct the existing curative therapy of sprains this medication for the need to continue for four months.

addition, "Klirvin" is highly effective in fighting acne.It is also advisable to be applied to pre-cleaned skin directly twice daily.However, the onset of a persistent therapeutic effect may require three to four weeks of the drug.

What are the indications and contraindications for the use of the cream "Klirvin»

medication "Klirvin" helps to eliminate micro traumas, acne scars, acne, various wounds and burns;eliminates hyperpigmentation and other skin deficiencies.In addition, the drug destroys the spots after sunburn and bags under the eyes.It shows effective enough in the treatment of scars of different origin.In addition, due to the content of the active components of the cream safely removes fat and stretch marks of the skin, making it supple and taut.

Given the fact that this drug is made entirely of natural ingredients with the addition of a large number of herbs that can be attributed to contraindications only allergic reaction that may occur on certain components of the drug.