Benefits tincture of aconite

Aconite contains saponins, alkaloids, macronutrients and micronutrients.Obtained from the tubers of plants allopinin which has an antiarrhythmic action and is used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.Aconite exhibits antibacterial activity, has antipyretic and analgesic effect.In small doses, the plant acts on the circulatory system as a febrifuge, in higher doses it has on the nervous system calming effect.

The most common medicine used tincture of aconite.If it is to take a small dose at the beginning of infection or colds, it can stop its further development.Tincture of aconite is useful in cold weather and limb spasms, pain and sensation of cold in the back, in these cases it is applied topica
lly.Inside it means taking at autoimmune diseases and cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis and glands, vomiting, chronic diarrhea, weakening of cardiac activity, rapid pulse and cold sweat, weakness after diseases.Tincture take one to three drops half an hour before a meal two or three times a day with half a glass of cool boiled water.

agent used in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and cancer as follows.Treatment with this medicament begins with receiving one drop, it should be diluted with 100 ml of cold boiled water.Each day is added one drop infusions, bringing it up to a dose of 10 drops and the amount of water to 200 ml.Then reduce the amount of daily infusions, and reducing the amount of water.Means must be taken on an empty stomach once daily.

External application of tincture of aconite

For external use tincture of aconite need to rub to dryness in the affected area of ​​the body, which is then wrapped in a flannel or woolen cloth.Rubbing better to do at night.In the morning you need to remove the bandage, and after 2 hours is required to wipe this place a cloth soaked in cold water and wrung out well.When rheumatic pains tincture is rubbed daily at bedtime for four to five weeks.Immediately after rubbing tincture to wash hands with soap and water and brush to remove dust particles.This should be done necessarily, because in contact with aconite eye can lose vision.When rubbed on the skin from painful sores appeared, it should be on time to stop the procedure.Once the sores disappear, the treatment continues.