you need
  • - steroids;
  • - food additives.
Steroids carried out so-called cycles.It defined time intervals during which a person uses a certain dose.Cycles can include several different types of steroids, and such a course of reception is called a stack.There are a variety of different ways of using drugs.Before taking steroids is necessary to clearly determine for yourself which one you will use.
The next thing you need to prepare before taking steroids - food additives.They need to neutralize the adverse effects that inevitably appear at the reception.The more kinds of steroids you use, the more side effects they will give.Supplementation is also carried out in accordance with the cycles.
If you are new and have never taken these drugs, you need to start with a clean steroids.Their intake should be limited to 400 grams per
week, and duration of the cycle should amount to no more than 12 weeks.This is followed by a recovery period, which lasts 12 weeks, you can then start a new cycle.First your methods aimed at finding the most effective for your body to steroids.Once you have decided with them, you can begin to experiment with combinations thereof, as well as to change the methods of use.
completed the search for suitable steroids, you can begin to lay them in stacks.One of the most popular uses of these stacks is a 3-week blitz.With this method, the drugs each steroid from the stack used within three weeks.The first two weeks it was adopted separately, by the third week in his welcome imposed beginning of the use of the new steroid agent.Then, continuing a three-week use of the new drug has.This went on for 12 weeks and during this period you have to change to change the 5 steroids.Ends supplementation 2-week recovery period, during which it is necessary to use an adjuvant weekly "HCG 5000".
Steroids will not lead to an increase in the muscle itself.You have to deal with intense workouts in the gym.Furthermore, such training can not tolerate the loss of body moisture, which may occur when using steroids.Training should be carried out with maximum weights, increasing the weight as muscle growth.To maintain the normal operation of the heart is also important to engage in weekly cardio.
to muscle growth took place at a good pace, you must follow the diet and diet.Eat meals 5 - 6 times a day in small portions.Your food should be high in calories, you need to consume 5000 calories a day.It is important to increase the proportion of protein.Eat more fish and meat, drink milk.Carbohydrates are also important to help control blood sugar.Good sources of this material are oats, whole grains, pasta, rice, vegetables, etc.