Description drug

drug hlorofillipt wonderful stimulates the regeneration of tissue promotes rapid healing of wounds, the complete removal from the body of toxic substances and increasing the oxygen content in tissue cells.The active ingredient in the medicament is chlorophyllipt extract, a mixture of chlorophylls obtained from leaves of eucalyptus.

use of the drug

Chlorophyllipt alcohol (0.25% and 1%) is used in the treatment of diseases that are triggered by staphylococcus, and sepsis (postpartum or post-operative) and in the presence of staphylococci in the intestine (in which case it is assigned is notonly inwardly, but in the form of enemas).Inside hlorofillipt alcohol is accepted only in diluted form, three times a day.To do this, take 5
ml of a 1% solution and diluted with 30 ml of water.A mandatory requirement is that the drug no later than forty minutes before a meal.

drug to be effectively applied in the treatment of cervical erosion - lubricating its channel with undiluted alcohol solution or spending douching (this means is diluted with water: 15 ml hlorofillipta 1 liter of water).The number of procedures and duration are determined on an individual basis by the attending physician depending on the evidence.Also, this means treating burns and sores from the alcoholic solution with the addition chlorophyllipt novocaine (1: 5).To facilitate the state of a person with the disease laryngitis or pharyngitis help rinse hlorofilliptom.To this, 15 drops of the solution was diluted with 200 mL of water.The resulting mixture, rinse the throat four times per day.

especially funds is the ability when combined with hydrogen peroxide to form a precipitate.That is why it is very important to wash wounds or sores from the remnants of peroxide sterile saline (before applying the alcohol solution hlorofillipta).

In some cases, the patient may be prescribed intravenous infusion of the drug.When pneumonia or sepsis shown bolus, acute abscesses lung disease - drip, with pre-diluted drug medical sterile sodium chloride solution.Contraindications to the use of this drug is any period of pregnancy and lactation.For the treatment of children may only be used hlorofillipta oil solution.