composition.The enzymes are based on the preparation - a substance for expediting chemical reactions in the human body.In the case of "Festalom" we are talking about a multi-component, and therefore the maximum effectiveness of the products.It consists of enzymes of animal and vegetable origin.The former include lipase (breaks down fats), amylase (converts starch) and protease (acts on proteins);to the second - hemicellulase (a spare nutrients).Not without additional substances - bile extract, obtained from bulls: it provides choleretic e
ffect and emulsifying lipids.
Indications."Festal" is effective in a wide range of diseases, such as: ulcerative colitis, chronic pancreatitis, diarrhea of ​​various origins, some types of gastritis.Also, it is recommended to those who are preparing to undergo an X-ray or ultrasound.In addition, the "Festal" is a great help in particular situations of over-eating and lack of physical activity constant.
dosages.The main rule: you must swallow the tablets whole, without chewing or nadkusyvaya them.Adult patients is recommended to take 1-2 pills in the morning, afternoon and evening.For children, there is need to follow the doctor's recommendations.
Side effects.If you overdo it with the reception of "Festal," that the body can "reply" diarrhea urge to vomit bile and deterioration.In addition, it should be remembered that this drug should not be used by patients with hepatitis, pancreatitis in the acute stage, liver failure, as well as the presence of gallstones.Many people ask how to make "Festal" during pregnancy.The answer to this can only give a doctor on the basis of each individual situation.