Moms because of swelling or other problems associated with the work of the kidneys, must take kidney tea.The problem is that some companies, manufacturers indicate in their packages that this drink can not be used for pregnant women.While others say that it is possible.

What is called renal tea?

This drink is an excellent natural diuretic-based ingredients of plant origin.It is prescribed in the treatment of kidney diseases.Kidney tea during pregnancy is to use to bring the body:
- excessive urea;
- chlorides;
- if available, uric acid.

Through his miraculous actions can significantly reduce swelling, often annoying pregnant.

Considering that some plants have different toxic effects and the therapeutic dose, even herbal products should appoint an expert.However, rarely seen side effects that woul
d cause renal tea drinking during pregnancy.

most commonly used beverage made from ortisifona staminate.Most experts say that such a remedy is very good to treat edema.Moreover, it is completely harmless (following dosing).

This drink can be consumed at different stages of pregnancy.In addition, it is used during the complex treatment of various inflammations in the urinary organs.Women taking this means, say that it works well.The general condition is much improved, and swelling of the wound.

caution when using

Although the benefits of kidney tea is very large, it is necessary to take means very carefully.This is because during pregnancy with increased caution is necessary to use any medications, even at first glance seem completely harmless.

That's why you can not self-prescribe the use of tea.It is strictly prohibited.You must first see a doctor, to consult with him regarding this tea.

These teas take small portions.The content of the finished beverage (glass) should be divided into three or even four times.This tool should be drunk throughout the day in the dependence or independence of the meal (read the details in the instructions).

long-term use and the treatment determined by the doctor.In most cases, the reception of this tea is three or four weeks.So you can get lasting results.