Bruises can vary in severity.When lung contusion hematoma occurs, but the mobility is, the pain is mild and only in the area of ​​damage.Middle contusion is characterized by bruising, swelling around the damaged tissue and pain.In severe injury can occur in the movement restriction.Ointment from injuries related to first aid, the composition is excellent relieves pain, reduces swelling, promotes more rapid resorption of hematomas.Pharmacies can be found a large amount of drugs in this group.
very popular ointment for bruises "Tarumel" She has a great analgesic effect that is felt after the first application.The ointment is easy to spread on the skin, economical and affordable.Doctors recommend the composition always keep in your medicin
e cabinet.
If the bruise formed a large hematoma, should use the ointment containing heparin.After all, this material contributes to more rapid and effective resorption bruises, has analgesic effect.An example of the most affordable, quality options are: "Lioton 100", "Lavenum", "Heparin-Akrigel 100".These ointments may always be found in pharmacies, the price of an average of up to 130 rubles per tube, which is enough for several courses of treatment for bruises.
In ointments from bruises may include a component troksevazin.It was he who helps to strengthen capillary walls, relieve swelling of the surrounding tissues, has anti-inflammatory action.Apply ointments troksevazin need only 2 times a day, so missing the tube for very long."Troxerutin" and "Troxevasin 2%" - are examples of effective formulations.
There are a combination of drugs that are not only perfectly resolves hematoma, painkillers and relieve swelling, but also moisturizes, contribute to the regeneration of the skin, stimulate the metabolic processes in the tissues.To combined ointments from bruises are "Venolayf", "Troxevasin Neo", "Gepatrombin" and "Dolobene."Doctors recommend it possible to use such drugs, because they have a wider range of activities.
If you have children at home, or people who are involved in sports, injuries ointment should be mandatory in a home medicine cabinet.After all, the faster the composition applied to the skin, the more effective it will work and will soon disappear after the application of the consequences of even a severe injury.