Instructions for Use "Polyoxidonium»

«polioksidony" is available in different dosage forms: tablets, suppositories for rectal and vaginal application, as well as freeze-dried to prepare a solution.The latter can be used as an injection, and topically. Injections "Polyoxidonium" are appointed, usually with severe disease.Since breeding lyophilisate requires compliance with certain conditions, it is best treated in a hospital.

indications for use "Polyoxidonium" are:
- acute and recurrent infections of the respiratory tract, oropharynx, middle and inner ear, sinuses;
- allergic diseases, including complications of viral, fungal or bacterial infection;
- immunodeficiency states;
- recurrent herpes infection;
- tuberculosis (in com
bination therapy);
- fractures, burns and other serious injuries (to speed up regeneration of tissues);
- rheumatoid arthritis;
- intestinal dysbiosis (to enhance the effect of the primary treatment);
- postoperative complications;
- infections of the genitourinary system;
- intoxication, which arose as a result of poisoning, allergies, infectious diseases, poisonings and others.

In addition, the drug can be used to strengthen the immune system, as well as prevention and treatment of infections in immunocompromised individuals (undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, often ill children and adults, bedridden patients, the elderly, etc.), as well as in patients suffering from chronic diseases and taking powerful drugs.Dosage

"polioksidoniya" depends on the form of preparation, age and weight of the patient as well as severity of the disease.Medicine pills often appoint 12 mg (1 unit) at the reception.On the recommendation of a doctor dosage in adult patients who are in serious condition, could be doubled.Tablets should drink half an hour before a meal twice a day.Where indicated multiplicity of reception "polioksidoniya" can be increased to three times or, conversely, reduced to one. duration of treatment "polioksidonija" depends on the diagnosis and severity of disease.Sometimes a five-day course of therapy, in difficult situations, the duration of treatment may be two or more weeks.

injections and intravenous infusions "Polyoxidonium" desirable to do in the hospital.The dosage of the drug, in this case the doctor has to rely.

drug suppositories often applied once a day.When it is desirable to pre-rectal enema do.

«polioksidony": reviews

In most cases, "polioksidony" well tolerated, with acting quickly and effectively.This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of patients, and the results of various studies.According to the manufacturer, the side effects of treatment are only possible by intramuscular administration of the drug.Most often it is pain at the site of administration of the drug, passing on their own in a short time.