main components "Hofitol" is an aqueous extract of the leaves of an artichoke field, as it includes ascorbic acid, vitamins B1 and B2, carotene, inulin.The drug has choleretic, diuretic properties, it also has a hepatoprotective effect, restores the metabolism, helping to reduce the level of urea in the blood.It improves the condition of the kidneys and urinary tract, especially in acute or chronic pyelonephritis."Hofitol" protects the body during pregnancy from the toxic effects of free radicals formed during oxidation-reduction reactions, improves blood microcirculation by keeping in good condition of blood vessels.
during pregnancy "Hofitol" is prescribed for chronic nekalkuleznogo cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia, chronic renal failure.It may assign a part of complex treatment of chronic forms of hepatitis,
chronic nephritis, cirrhosis of the liver.Often, this drug is used to prevent hypoxia in placental insufficiency when disturbed blood flow through the placenta from mother to child."Hofitol" accept and gestosis, which manifests itself in violation of the kidneys, edema, high blood pressure.
«Hofitol" is sold in the form of tablets, oral solution and a solution for injection.The drug in the tablets should be taken before eating 2-3 pieces three times per day.The solution was taken at 2.5-3 ml three times a day, after it is diluted in a small amount of water.The course of treatment, on average, should last 2-3 weeks.Do not take your own vehicle, you must always consult with a physician, who must choose the optimum dosage and to determine the duration of treatment."Hofitol" may appoint at any stage of pregnancy.
during pregnancy "Hofitol" is contraindicated in women with severe deficiency of the liver, in the presence of gallstones, biliary tract obstruction.By the side effects of the drug include possible allergic reactions, diarrhea.Pregnant women 'Hofitol "should be taken under medical supervision.Analogues of drugs are "Holebil", "artichoke extract."