As there is a dependence

If needed, which are often, doctors prescribe painkillers to their patients.The main objective of these pills is to block painful nerve impulses, but beyond that they have another interesting side effects - pain pills stimulate the center of the brain responsible for pleasure.As a result man not only gets rid of the pain, but also gets a kind of narcotic high.

dependence on drugs cause all opioid pain medications taken even for a brief period.

When receiving strong painkillers human body very quickly gets used to their active ingredients and can not do without them normally.If a person stops taking the drug, it has developed a variety of pain, which can be removed only receiving
a new dose.In addition, painkillers insidious by the fact that their dose when taken regularly have to periodically increase, as the old dose not give the desired effect.But people forget that pain medications do not eliminate the pain and its cause - they are only for a certain time block the ability of the brain to perceive it.

Freedom from dependence

If a person has decided on their own to break the cycle and get rid of addiction without help narcologists, first of all he must be ready for all the charms of breaking - chills, goose bumps, vomiting, diarrhea and insomnia.In addition, pain pills may impede human respiratory function, so the next to be someone who will monitor the process of withdrawal.

Getting used to pain medication is one of the most severe and difficult treatable addictions.

Many doctors recommend when getting rid of dependence on opiates engaged in moderate physical training.It helps the body develop endorphins - natural painkillers, extend REM sleep, thereby reducing the intensity of pain, and to reduce susceptibility to it due to the increased muscle tone.You also need to eat each day by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as dark chocolate, which, like physical exercise increases the production of endorphins in the body.