Due to its composition, oral contraceptives suppress ovulation and prevent its occurrence.Substances contained in preparations, make the mucus secreted by the cervix thicker, and therefore impenetrable to sperm, which reduces the chance of becoming pregnant.Oral contraceptives also have an effect on the endometrium, making it thinner.Thin endometrium complicating the attachment of a fertilized egg to the uterus and eliminates the possibility of its development.
hormones contained in these contraceptive methods, further inhibit the ability of sperm to move through fallopian tubes.It should be noted that the effectiveness of oral contraceptives as a means of protection against unwanted pregnancy is greater than 99% with proper reception.
Before buying oral contraceptives should consult with your doctor.It is worth remembering that the pills do not protect against diseases that are sexually transmitted.Also for medication there are a number of contraindications.Do not take pills when already held pregnancy or suspected it.Do not use the pill if you have a serious disease of the cardiovascular system (thrombosis, stroke), and liver disease.Contraindicated funds and smoking women older than 35 years.Do not use medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, frequent migraines and the presence of cancerous tumors.
Oral contraceptives must be taken every day at the same time of day.Deadline one agent may vary depending on the composition.Duration of tablets is usually 21-28 days.To determine the optimal duration of the course should be guided by the instructions for use and the instructions of the attending physician.
packages in which there are 21 tablet, intended for reception with an interval of 7 days.Take the drug should be 1 time per day, from the first day of the menstrual cycle and continuing through until all the pills run out.
After 21 reception must be a break of 7 days, during which time it is not necessary to use additional means of contraception.Oral contraceptives remain in effect for the period, and therefore the chance of getting pregnant is still unlikely.On day 28, the woman should resume taking the drug if it wants to continue to use this method of contraception.