Product description

In fact, validol is menthol, which was dissolved in metilizovalerate and released in the form of tablets, capsules or drops.The main purpose of the drug is a calm heart pain, but it is also widely used to relieve spasms in the gastrointestinal tract, headache and even eliminating the itch from mosquito bites.The principle of drug action is stimulation and increase in receptors located on the tongue, causing the body begins to produce endorphins and enkephalins - painkillers.

Menthol in a preparation calming effect on the nervous system, almost without affecting the arteries and blood vessels.

advisability of taking validol is its calming effect, which helps to restore normal operation of the internal organs.Best of all it helps with heart pains,
which were caused by neurosis, hysteria, neurasthenia and other nervous disorders.Basically, the drug acts as a placebo, removing pressing, stitching, aching, or squeezing pain, as well as preventing nausea and vomiting - because people firmly believe in the efficacy of this remedy, checked more than one generation.

truth and myth

Reception validol at preinfarction condition is quite dangerous because it dulls the pain and does not affect the blood vessels, anti-sclerotic plaques blocked, which can lead to the death of the vessel.Therefore, for the expansion of arteries to be taken with nitroglycerin medication exclusively.Validol really has a calming effect that allows even to facilitate age-menopausal symptoms.Menthol is also in its composition really relieves itching from insect bites, and cooling the obezbolivaya skin at the site of the bite.

Reception validol strictly contraindicated with alcohol - it does not help if intoxicated, but may hurt.

does not help drug and overeating, accompanied by flatulence - although the latter can facilitate validol carminative, spasmodic and calming overloaded gastrointestinal tract.At the same time, this medicine is not a means "for all occasions" - its uncontrolled use can lead to tachycardia, confusion, nausea and vomiting.Validola Overdosing occurs when exceeding the maximum daily dose - namely 600 mg.