operating principle of magnetic clip

Trade name for a set of acupuncture effects - Zerosmoke.Manufacturers claim that the use of a magnetic clip helps not only to quit, but to get rid of dependence to marijuana and spice.

The method is based aurikulorefleksoterapiya used in altarnativnoy medicine for a long time.He suggested a method of the French neurologist Paul Nogier.He also made reference, which lists all the acupressure points that are responsible for one or another organ in the human body.

During the aurikulorefleksoterapii impact on the active points of the ear can be carried out with the help of acupuncture, massage, moxibustion, electric stimulation or magnetic fields.

That magnetic field acting on the
active points in the ear that are responsible for certain areas of the brain to help you easily and painlessly leave the dependence on cigarettes.

Biomagnity in the clip are covered with gold plating.This protects against allergic reactions and irritation.Biomagnitov attachment method is described in detail in the instructions that the manufacturer included with each set.

greatest effect can be achieved by using clips from smoking during the hours of rest.The four-hour daily use helps to get rid of dependence in a matter of days.

advantages of using a magnetic clip

method is not applicable to invasive and does not require prior consultation of a doctor.Magnetic clip is compatible with any drugs.When wearing it is not necessary to change your lifestyle.Gradually, the number of cigarettes smoked slowly declining.The patient does not make this any effort: simply clips clip on the ear, and is within four hours.If there is a desire to smoke, you need to massage the clip and warm hands.After 4 weeks you can completely forget about cigarettes.

Feedback from patients who managed to get rid of a bad habit with a magnetic clip, aurikulorefleksoterapiya helps effortlessly quit smoking.But it marked the only ones who really had been prepared psychologically for ever give up the pernicious addiction.All the others continued to smoke safely and after a few weeks of intensive use the magnetic clip.

Contraindications to the use of magnetic clip

magnetic clip is not recommended to wear for pregnant and lactating women as well as patients with established heart pacemakers and defibrillators, pumps for insulin and other electrical medical devices.