There are a lot of drugs that are available in tablet form, and help minimize the possibility of pregnancy.The most commonly used hormonal agents, among which may be designated "Ginepriston" ("Agest") used within 3 days after unprotected sex.The drug has a relatively low probability of occurrence of side effects and little risk of serious harm.
most popular means is by far the "Postinor", which, however, refers to preparations of the previous generation.Among the least effective oral postcoital contraceptive may be noted "eskapel" and "Mifegin."
Before using any medication should consult the instructions for use.Most of these agents often cause nausea and vomiting, headache, discomfort in the lower abdomen and breast cancer, menstrual disorders, and in some cases
, and thrombosis.Within 2 days after receiving medication side effects disappear.
Intrauterine devices used in emergency cases to completely eliminate the probability of getting pregnant.The uterine cavity is set a special device of some form, which prevents the penetration of sperm through the uterus and slows the movement of the egg into the uterus, the endometrium changes and prevents a fertilized egg is already in the uterus.
To avoid the possibility of getting pregnant operation to install the unit must be completed within 5 days after intercourse.Introduction device is held at any given menstrual cycle.Selection of a suitable spiral performed by a doctor after a thorough gynecological examination and the results of relevant tests.Establish a means of intrauterine contraception can only be healthy girl with no reproductive tract infections.
After installation, a woman can continue to engage in unprotected sex.If there are any complications device can be removed and the patient will be able to switch to other methods of contraception.However, IUD has a number of side effects are also tested after removal means.