Instructions for Use "Anaferon" child

"Anaferon" children has antiviral and immunomodulatory effects.Clinical trials have shown efficacy against the influenza virus, the labial and genital herpes, parainfluenza, infectious mononucleosis virus and varicella, enterovirus, adenovirus, herpes encephalitis and others.Product reduces the concentration of virus in the body affects the system interferons stimulate the formation of interferon-gamma (IFNγ) and endogenous iiterferonov (IFN α / β).Improves the effectiveness of antibodies (including secretory IgA), and normalizes the ratio of T-helper (Th) and T effectors improves their function.It has properties that prevent mutation of the virus.

"Anaferon" indicated for children from 1 month.The tablet formulation must be kept in the mouth for as long as it dissolves.Children aged from one month to three years it is nec
essary to dissolve the tablet in 1 tablespoon of boiled water with a room temperature.With the flu, SARS, intestinal infections, neuroinfections, herpes virus infection, treatment with the drug is prescribed at the first sign of the disease according to the scheme: the child is given 1 tablet "Anaferon" in the first 2 hours every 30 minutes, then in the first days of illness have to do 3reception "Anaferon" at regular intervals.From the second day of the disease the child is given 1 tablet "Anaferon" 3 times a day.The drug is taken up to a full recovery. If there is no improvement in the health of the third day of treatment, "Anaferon", you must see a doctor.

Application "Anaferon" children for the treatment of herpes and immunodeficiencies

When acute course and manifestations of genital herpes "Anaferon" prescribed in the first, the third day of one pill eight times a day, continue to take medicationat least three weeks, one tablet four times a day.Tablets need to drink at regular intervals.To prevent infections in patients with chronic herpes take 1 tablet per day.

duration of the course of prevention is determined individually and can be up to 6 months.For the prevention and treatment of immunodeficiency states must take "Anaferon" one tablet per day.If necessary, "Anaferon" combined with other antiviral drugs. during epidemics of viral infections as a preventive drug should give your child every day, once a day, for one to three months.
No cases of overdose "Anaferon" registered.Side effects of the drug were found.However, perhaps a manifestation of sensitivity to some components "Anaferon."