specific styptics

hemostat way resorptive effects on the body are very specific.Some of these preparations are prepared from the blood and are purified concentrates its individual clotting factors.Such drugs include: "Fibrinogen" "prothrombin complex" and "Antihemophilic globulin."

They are very effective for bleeding caused by a congenital or secondary deficiency of blood clotting.Thus, for example, "fibrinogen" is used in hereditary afibrinogenemia, secondary fibrinogen deficiencies which often occur in various diseases of the liver, myeloid leukemia and pernicious anemia."Prothrombin complex" is used in hemophilia and bleeding due to secondary failure of coagulation factors (overdose of anticoagulants).

«Antihemophilic globulin" prescribed to prevent or blokorovaniya bleeding in patients with hemophilia, hemorrhagic syndrome, liver
diseases and acute leukemia.As a hemostatic (specific) funds are also used antifibrinolytic drugs that lower blood fibrinolytic activity.Their action is to provide a hemostatic effect with hemorrhages (prostatic surgery, heart and lungs), giperfibrinoliticheskih bleeding secondary genesis (with cirrhosis, septic conditions or fat embolism), as well as for bleeding resulting from the treatment of fibrinolytic drugs (fibrinolizinom).

nonspecific hemostatic drugs resorptive effects include funds indirectly affect blood clotting due to its composition tromboplasticheskih substances that promote thrombosis.These preparatamotnosyat pectin solution, for example, "Gemofobin" (effective for hemorrhagic states of different origin), "Adrokson" (used to treat gastrointestinal bleeding), "Serotonin" (increases the stability of the capillaries and is used in trombastenii, thrombocytopenic purpura and hemorrhagic vasculitis).

styptic topical

These drugs include substances that are components of the blood coagulation system and have a direct impact on the process of thrombus formation ("Thrombin", "Thromboplastin"), as well as combined means (hemostatic sponge), which structureincludes and "thrombin" and "Thromboplastin".

nonspecific means local effects designed to stop the blood contribute to thrombosis because it is a matrix, which is a process of accumulation of fibrin.Such hemostatic agent is "Oksitselodeks" used for blocking capillary or parenchymal hemorrhage.