vaccines that contain live viruses, so-called - "live".Virus contained in this formulation is weakened, it is in a state avirulent.It will not cause the disease, but the immune response altogether.These viruses were grown in special conditions.Scientists use animals where there is a high resistance to disease type.
applying "live" vaccines, you will achieve sustainable immunity.But minus them is that they often cause allergies.They also can not be used at the beginning of the epidemic have flu ."Live" vaccines can be given to children older than three years intranasally.Brand names - "Inflyuvir", "Ultravak."
Currently, these vaccines are not used because of the many contraindications and
a bad tolerability.It is better to refuse this vaccine if you offer it to the clinic.
¬ękilled" vaccine contains dead viruses or fragments thereof.They are well suited to call reactions.They are divided into sub-unit, split and inactivated whole virus.With the help of these vaccines in the body produces less stable immunity than using "live", but allergies occur much less frequently.
The inactivated whole virus preparations of the virus is dead (killed by chemical, thermal or UV), but not destroyed by the virion.The vaccine is administered intranasally, subcutaneously or intramuscularly with seven.After the first dose must be re - 3-4 weeks, is recommended for children up to 18 years after - just a single input of the drug.Transferred inactivated whole virus vaccines is not very good and have a number of contraindications.
SPLIT vaccine or inactivated split, contain a set of antigenic components of the "cunning" of the virus flu .Such preparations are composed of surface and internal antigens that ensures the development of the human immune system.Lipids virus during this operation are removed.
surface antigens stimulate the formation of immunity against a particular strain of influenza virus .Common to all strains, internal antigens promote cross-immunity.Inactivated split vaccine used six months of age, as the likelihood of an allergic reaction is very low.
Re-vaccination is carried out for the kids, for whom the vaccination against influenza is the first, make it four weeks later.Split vaccine is currently considered the most effective.Trademarks - "Fluarix", "Vaksigripp", "Grippovak", "Begrivak", "Ultriks" and others.
only surface antigens flu contain inactivated subunit vaccines.Thus, it appears that they only produce immunity to a particular strain.But the effectiveness of these drugs reaches 90%.
low probability of an allergic reaction makes it possible to use inactivated subunit vaccines from six months of age.They are produced under such brands - "Grippol", "A flu L", "influvac" and others.