Action matrices

Matrix "AIRES" is a graphical diagram, bearing information is completely healthy cell.Overlaying this scheme biologically active points organism activates their passive exposure to radiation of healthy cells and increases the power / amplitude.Thus, the matrix and returns the correct impulse incorrectly functioning organ or system, causing the body gets a boost to recovery, and its vital biophysical, biochemical and physiological processes as much as possible to normal.

health data matrix does not contribute to the work of the body - they just create a harmonious background for its proper functioning.

action matrix "Aires" is caused not only the correction of chemical reactio
ns in the body, but also the creation of favorable conditions for their occurrence.These prevent the processes that violate the healthy balance and maintain the balance of equilibrium processes using electromagnetic fields, crossing pattern matrices.Characteristics of data structures identical to those fields of electromagnetic fields that produce healthy cells and organs.The use of matrices enables us to provide stable wound healing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Types of matrices

Matrix "Aires" is available in three forms - graphite, silver and gold.Graphite variant used in a variety of injuries - fractures, bruises, sprains, frostbite, sprains, burns and bruises.Silver matrix shown for application to the entire surface of the body and limbs, while gold is used to affect the head, neck and spine.

If desired, one type of matrix can be replaced by another type - they are completely interchangeable and provide the desired therapeutic effect in any case.

graphite matrix is ​​produced in square, round and form a carpet.The most convenient are circular matrix, which are ideal for people with sensitive skin and diabetes, as well as young children.The square matrix is ​​better to choose for the outside backs and / extensor surfaces of the extremities.Carpet matrix is ​​applied entirely to the damaged area - in this case they can be cut into several pieces and stick on the diseased organ to remove the swelling, pain and restore function.Also from the carpet matrix can be cut into strips and pasting their neuralgia or sciatica along the inflamed nerve.