What thermopsis

Thermopsis - is a perennial herb belonging to the legume family.The area of ​​its spread - Western and Eastern Siberia, the Trans-Volga region, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.It grows on rocky steppe slopes, on sandy soils, including crops.As a medicinal plant used grass and mature seeds.

substances included in the termopsisa (alkaloids, essential oils, resins, saponins) are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.On this basis, they produce the famous "Tablets Cough" and extract Thermopsis dry, "Tabeks" (seed), "Tsititon" and many others.

use Thermopsis

plant contains a number of useful
human saponins, tannins, alkaloids and esters, versatile acting on the human body.This plant has a number of useful properties:

- used to treat dry, unproductive cough;
- increases blood pressure;
- stimulates the appetite;
- increases the tone of the uterus, so is used to stimulate the weak labor;
- inhibits components of the autonomic nervous system;
- has anthelmintic and insecticidal action (in Buryatia, it is widely used for baiting mice).

Thermopsis use to treat coughs

The plant has a strong expectorant action, so it is traditionally used for the treatment of broncho-pulmonary system.Drugs through the blood enter the bronchial mucosa and trachea, causing irritant.This results in a reflex release of bronchial secretions, enhancing the activity of the ciliated epithelium and muscle layer of the bronchi.The result is improved process and removal of sputum expectoration.

Thermopsis Under the influence of thick and sticky mucus thickens, the volume increases, due to increased activity of the ciliated epithelium begins rapidly cleared and cleaned airways of mucus, thereby reducing the inflammatory process.

Contraindications Thermopsis

- idiosyncrasy;
- bronchitis or pneumonia in infants;
- gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
- pregnancy.

Despite the many beneficial properties of the plant, it should be used with caution, under medical supervision, because it is poisonous and has many contraindications.Especially dangerous is his overdose.