«Tsefamadar": the indications, reviews

«Tsefamadar" prescribed to people who are overweight at alimentary obesity.The main components of the drug is an extract from the bark of plants of the genus Calotropis (Calotropis), belonging to the family kutrovyh.The trade name of this extract is called "Madar".In the opinion of "Tsefamadar" helps to reduce in the amount of body fat, without affecting the muscles.The drug has a tonic and tonic effect.The active substances act on the center of hunger and satiety, causing suppression of hunger and appetite, contribute to a more rapid onset of fullness after eating.By helping to reduce body weight, the drug increases work capacity, improves quality of life, reduces the overall weakness, swe

Studies have shown that the effectiveness of a diet that restricts calorie daily diet, increased, while the use "Tsefamadara."Reviews indicate that at the beginning of the reception may be a temporary increase in appetite.If this side effect persists, you should stop taking "Tsefamadar."In general, the drug is well tolerated, has no other side effects and does not affect the clinical and biochemical properties of blood.In the opinion for the greater efficiency of the reception "Tsefamadara" should be combined with a reduction in energy intake by 10-15%.

How to drink "Tsefamadar»

Before you start using "Tsefamadara" make sure that the cause of excess weight, obesity is a nutritional factors (sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, overeating, excessive intake of fat from food and others)and not suffer from any disease, including endocrine disorders, disorders of the primary metabolism, insulin resistance.

duration of use and dosage of the drug is determined by the physician on an individual basis.Typically, adults and children over twelve years, appoint one tablet one to three times a day for children 3-to 6 years - one tablet once a day for children 6 12 years - oneone tablet twice a day.In order to achieve tangible results as soon as possible "Tsefamadar" advised to take about ten minutes to receive a low-calorie food.It means you can drink for a long time.

The drug is contraindicated in children under the age of three years in case of intolerance of components means.Not recommended "Tsefamadar" obese people is not due to alimentary causes.