Immunomodeliruyuschee action

colds usually recommend people to eat as much vitamin C. Ascorbic acid supports the immune system of man.It stimulates the synthesis of interferon by which cells can withstand the virus entered the body.However, even when a person is sick, he should not forget to take this vitamin, because it is good not only as a medicine but also as a means of prevention.

Benefits metabolism

Ascorbic acid takes an important part in the metabolism.Thanks to serotonin is formed from tryptophan - one of the major neurotransmitter.It also is involved in the synthesis of collagen and corticosteroids kotezolaminov formation.Ascorbic acid regulates cholesterol in the body by stimulati
ng its conversion into bile acids.

hematopoietic function

Ascorbic acid is involved in the formation of hemoglobin.Thanks to ferric iron entering the body, is oxidized to divalent.It is in this form it can be used for the transport of oxygen.

antioxidant effect

Ascorbic acid - an antioxidant.It is able to neutralize the superoxide radical, which causes damage to the cells, turning it into a non-hazardous to the body, hydrogen peroxide, and then to safely withdraw.Vitamin C also regulates redox reactions.

How to use ascorbic acid

Vitamin C is found in many foods.If you are sure that, to be present in your diet, you will hardly feel the deficiency of this substance.Rich in ascorbic acid vegetables, fruits and berries.It is contained in cabbage, bell peppers, black currants, parsley, dill, kiwi, berries, rose hips, peppermint, citrus and apples.It should be remembered that heat treatment destroys the vitamin.Do you want to get the maximum dose of ascorbic acid - eat these foods raw.The food of animal origin vitamin C is present in small doses.

Ascorbic acid can also be purchased at the pharmacy.It comes in various forms, it is found in the form of pills, ampoules, pills, powder.It is often in combination with glucose, other B vitamins, a variety of micro-and macro.Adults recommended to use 70-90 mg of ascorbic acid daily.