for the normal functioning of the eye need a whole range of vitamins.The first substance that has a positive effect on the work of the visual apparatus - is vitamin A. It supports normal functioning of the retina.This substance is found in carrots and blueberries.Remember that vitamin A is a fat-soluble substance, and therefore better absorbed by the body in combination with fat - sour cream, cream, vegetable or olive oil.
Another important vitamin is riboflavin, which prevents the process of corneal dystrophy, as well as ensures the normal functioning of the optic nerves.This substance is found in dairy products, mushrooms and some vegetables.
By lowering of recommended taking vitamin C in large
quantities contained in rose hips, citrus fruits, sauerkraut and new potatoes.
To date, a set of complex vitamins, which contain not only vitamins above , but also a number of other elements without which normal functioning of the visual system is simply impossible.For domestic drugs include "Biofit", "fetters" and many others.
There are certain rules to be followed while taking vitamin complexes.Firstly, take them as prescribed and instructions on the package.Never crush vitamins on an empty stomach - you need to eat them in the morning, after breakfast.
If the drug is represented by capsules or tablets, you can only drink pure water.In no case do not wash down vitamins coffee, tea, milk or juice, as the impact of such nutrients may be destroyed.
If pills are not chewable vitamin complex, the crack can not be, as in this case, part of nutrients destroyed back in the mouth.
Very carefully Treat receiving other medications during the recreation complex.For example, vitamins should not be taken during treatment with antibiotics.As for all other medications before taking them should consult a doctor.For expert advice and are advised to contact the people with food allergies.