On the way to a healthy diet and to build proper diet is important to understand that you can not set ourselves impossible tasks.The sharp decrease in the amount of food and extra change of normal diet - is not only physical but also emotional stress, which quickly tires and discourage any desire to continue to work on yourself.Despite the fact that losing weight without dieting a long process, it has many advantages, allowing you to permanently preserve the health and beauty.In losing weight without dieting thing - is gradually removed from the diet of a variety of foods high in fats, pastries and sweets.Motivation is very important.Want to change, you can be sure to achieve this g
oal.We can not wait for failure, internally tune in to a positive result.Regularly reviewing photos of happy people slim your physique to clearly understand what you are aiming at and what awaits you for self-discipline and patience.On the refrigerator door, place a picture of healthy foods, fruits and berries to get used to a new way of eating.Enjoy the process of changing habits, viewing it as something pleasant.Lose weight with friends.The fact that you have like-minded people, is a great incentive to achieve the goal.Try to avoid the event, attribute that is richly laid table.Engage in training.Physical activity contribute to the development of enzymes break down fat and improve metabolism.Discard the evening gatherings in front of TV, which not only makes you less to move, but also programs on the use of little food.Learn to eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly, so that it is better digested.Amylase contained in the saliva, cleaves carbohydrates.The level of sugar in the blood will rise gradually, it will eliminate overeating.Eat only at the table.This will allow you to overcome the habit of eating in times of emotional stress.To understand the body that is full, it takes time.Therefore, completing the meal, wait 10 minutes to make it clear whether you are satisfied.Drink clean water.At about 7 glasses of water a day helps to normalize the metabolism and cleanse the body of toxins.