drug "Azithromycin" shown in pneumonia, bronchitis, otitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis.Also, the means used for the treatment of urethritis, cervicitis, Lyme disease.In addition the drug is prescribed for secondary dermatoses, impetigo and other skin infections and tissue.


Drink "Azithromycin" should be 1 time a day, one hour before meals or 2 hours after it.Adult respiratory infections taking the drug 3 days at 0.5, with the infectious lesions of the skin and tissue, Lyme disease dosage is 1 gram of "Azithromycin" on the first day, then - 4 days to 0.5 g In the treatment of infections of the genitourinary systemappointed by means of 1 g once.In the treatment of peptic ulcer drug taking 1 g for 3 days.

Children drug is shown in the form of a suspension.The dosage depends on the body weight.The child should be given 10 mg "Azithromycin" per kg body weight during the first three days of treatment or on the first day - 10 mg / kg, followed by 3 days at 5-10 mg / kg per day.In the treatment of erythema migrans administered 20 mg / kg on day 1, then - 10 mg / kg for 4 more days.

the treatment of pneumonia, the drug is administered intravenously: 0.5 grams per day for two days or more.Then move on to receive "Azithromycin" tablets: 0.5 g per day course of 7-10 days.In the treatment of pelvic infections using 0.5 g intravenously once, then - 0.5 g tablets or capsules rate 7 days.

Use "Azithromycin" intravenous infusion should be.For the infusion preparation was diluted with 0.5 g of dextrose, sodium chloride or Ringer solution.At a concentration of 1 mg / ml of volume of the drug is 500 mL, it must be administered within 3 hours.At a concentration of 2 mg / ml was obtained 250 ml of solution, the time of administration in this case - for 1 hour.


«Azithromycin" should not be used if you are allergic to its components, kidney and liver failure, arrhythmias.During pregnancy, the drug nazachayut with caution during lactation feeding should be suspended.Capsules and tablets should not be taken for children under 12 years and those weighing less than 45 kg.B / injection is not recommended for adolescents under 16 years.Babies under 6 months of drug contraindications.

«Azithromycin" can cause side effects such as nausea, bloating, diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting, increase in liver enzymes.In rare cases can cause allergic skin reactions, vaginal candidiasis.From the nervous system - dizziness, weakness, drowsiness.