Thrush - the defeat of the mucous genitals yeast fungi genus Candida.Small amounts of yeast fungi present in vaginal secretions, but in small quantities.And with a decrease in immunity, colds, stress, metabolic disorders when, hormonal failure and receiving antibacterial agents, their growth is enhanced, and they suppress the lactobacilli.
candidiasis symptoms: itching in the genital organs, sometimes strong and painful.Have a vaginal discharge with a strong cheesy kind of a sour smell.During intercourse, when urinating and pain can occur.Moreover, this match may not only women but also men.But men, the disease does not manifest, and they rather act as carriers of the fungus.
For the diagnosis of gynecological smear is taken, which is enough, because in this preparation yeast fungi are easily detected.
Treatment of candidiasis should be comprehensive, and it should get both partners.For men, treatment is limited to oral administration of antifungal agents.Women, besides tablets, and topical treatment is applied.Typically prescribed vaginal suppositories with antifungal effect and ointments - with the defeat of the skin of the external genitalia.
One of the most popular for the treatment of thrush - a "Livarol."This drug ketoconazole, which operates locally.Suitable "Livarol" one suppository per day.Enter a candle, extracted from the contour package need in the supine position and better - overnight.As the night a woman is, the active ingredient more time interacting with the fungi, stopping their growth and destroying their cells.Get up in the morning to be careful, because the night suppository at a temperature of 37 ° is melted, and careless movement can stain your underwear or bed.The course of treatment "Livarolom" lasts ten days and discontinue it yourself is not recommended to prevent chronic process.
the treatment of candidiasis should pay special attention to intimate hygiene, regularly change clothes, diet.From diet completely eliminated sodas and sweets, which can trigger the growth of the fungus.Should eat more dairy products for the restoration of lactobacilli.Also at the time of treatment should refrain from sexual intercourse.If all of these conditions, the symptoms subside after a couple of days, and full recovery is possible within five days of application.