Instructions for Use "izoprinozin»

«Isoprinosine" has immunostimulatory and antiviral effect, it reduces symptoms of viral diseases, prevents the growth of various viruses.The drug promotes healing and increase the body's resistance to various gerpevirusam, mumps virus, and others.

«Isoprinosine" appointed with a weakened immune system and normal for the treatment of infectious mononucleosis caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, for the treatment of infections caused by the virus Herpes simplex 1-4 types of viral bronchitis.The drug is prescribed for HPV infection, warts, equine encephalitis, herpes zoster, cytomegalovirus infection, influenza and SARS prolonged, acute and chronic viral hepatitis B and C, infections of the urinary and respiratory systems, varicella. «Isoprinosine" effective in immunodeficient states, it can be administered in st
ressful situations for the prevention of infectious diseases in the recovery period after serious illnesses.

«Isoprinosine" should be taken after a meal and drink some water.Scheme dosing for adults and children is the same: the daily dose is calculated based on 50 mg per 1 kg of body weight, amount of medicine is divided into 3-4 hours.A doctor can be doubled dose of severe infectious diseases, and its need to be taken 4-6 times per day.

duration of treatment depends on the disease, its complexity and flow.When herpes infection medication should be taken 5-10 days before the disappearance of symptoms.Next, you need maintenance therapy for a month to reduce the number of relapses, while taking one tablet of the drug twice a day.Price "Isoprinosine" depends on the dosage.Buy drug can be at any pharmacy.

contraindications, side effects "izoprinozin»

«Isoprinosine" is contraindicated in arrhythmias, chronic renal failure, kidney stones, gout, diagnosed hypersensitivity.The tool should not be prescribed to children under three years of age (or birth weight less than 15 kg).At the time of treatment is not recommended to take alcohol. a month since the beginning of the drug needed to carry out monitoring of renal function and liver.

«Isoprinosine" is considered to be fairly safe.It is used in the medical world since 1970.The drug is well tolerated by the reviews, but sometimes can appear joint pain, headaches, itching, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, insomnia, worsening gout.Children in rare cases detected toxic hepatitis and renal complications, and after two weeks of "izoprinozin" recommended control of uric acid in urine and serum.