«Aflubin": instructions for use

into "Aflubin" includes vegetable ingredients such as aconite, gentian and Bryony nettle.Together, they have anti-inflammatory, detoxification, antipyretic and immunomodulatory effects.With this preparation may be used for routine and emergency prevention of SARS and influenza, and also for the treatment of joint pain caused by rheumatism, or other inflammatory processes.

While contributing to not only common, but also local immunity, "Aflubin" improves the performance of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, thereby preventing the penetration of infection in the body and speeding recovery if infection has already occurred. «Aflubin" is available in tablets and drops, and can be assigned not only for adults but also for children, including up to a year.

Depending on the stage and
severity of respiratory infection, "Aflubin" should be taken in different configurations.In the first two days of illness adolescents and adults should drink the medication one tablet, or if it is designated as a liquid - 10 drops.Children's dose is half a tablet or 5 drops of the drug.Infants under one year "Aflubin" should be given 1 drop.Persons of all ages need to drink the medication up to 8 times a day.From the third day of illness, the number of drug intake can be reduced up to three times.Dosage, however, remains the same.The duration of treatment is 5-10 days.

Planned flu and colds during epidemics carried out for three weeks.In this case, "Aflubin" must be taken in the above doses, but not more than two times per day.If you need emergency prevention (for example, after contact with a person or hoarse due to hypothermia), the drug should be drunk in a similar way, but no more than two days.

for the treatment of pain in the joints "Aflubin" is used in adults and children who have reached the age of one year.In the first 2 days of treatment, the drug should be up to 8 times a day 1 tablet or 10 drops for adults and 1/2 tablet or 5 drops - the children.Further, the multiplicity of the medication should be reduced to three times a day.Continue therapy should be within a month. «Aflubin" should drink 30-40 minutes before eating or one hour after.Tablets should be put under the tongue and sucked drops - little hold in the mouth and swallow.Drops may be used to clean, and in diluted form.

«Aflubin": reviews

Overall "Aflubin" has established itself well enough.Its advantage is the natural composition, and consequently, safety.According to reviews, the drug is generally well tolerated by both adults and children.However, some complain of an unpleasant taste of drugs and lack of effectiveness in comparison with other, non-homeopathic means.